1. JoshDW19

    Exclusive Community Discounts in our New eBay Store

    Hey everyone! I'm excited to share with you that we'll be putting some of our overstock parts up for sale to make room for new stock. We have a mix of chassis, barebones servers, hard drives, memory, and expansion cards that we'll be adding to the iXsystems eBay Store over the next few weeks...
  2. Y

    Budget NAS build - used server grade hardware or new consumer hardware

    So, I'm finally getting into the world of NAS and home file sharing. I'm stuck in between two options at the moment. My goal is to have an in-home NAS system with somewhere along the lines of 6tb of storage with adequate redundancy in case of failure with room to grow. I was considering...
  3. jorenko

    Buying a used Supermicro

    Hi, I'm putting together my first FreeNAS server after 10+ years of running homebrew linux servers with various levels of storage sophistication. After spending a few hours looking at options, I've seen a lot of suggestions to buy used servers on eBay, and so I'm looking at a Supermicro X10SAE...
  4. cynod

    Buying used servers off Ebay?

    Hi all I'm about to move to a new house that has a storage area that's of a decent size, has ventilation and is sound insulated. As such, I am looking to setup a FreeNAS box (to replace my current hopeless piecemeal arrangement of drives dotted on various machines syncing with Syncthing) with a...
  5. leandrofmilani

    Help to choose a server

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for a server and I'd like you opinion about this machine: 1 -...