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    FreeNAS 11.2U5 kernel panics

    Hi, I've been having kernel panics in 11.2U5, but it was also happening on earlier versions. I have the /data/crash dumps, what can I do with this information to help troubleshoot this issue? It happens at around 13-14 days of uptime, and it's a pretty busy box. More info: Fatal trap 12: page...
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    Can the NAS be set to do "mini" system dumps when the system has RAM > swap size?

    As the question says. If there's a system error, a dump is usually automatic. But in my case the boot device is small, RAM is > 100GB and as a result dump is being disabled on startup. I really don't want to permanently lose 128-256 GB of data space on the off-chance I'll need a panic dump...