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drive failure

Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. dexbot

    SOLVED Raidz-1 Pool will not import - One or more devices missing from system

    THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED! Please see the update in my last post First things first thank you for reading and I am very new to Freenas but I am loving it so far. I have six 8Tb drives in a Raidz-1 Pool. A few days ago I went to access the server and saw the critical alert "The volume Main...
  2. NOT_Bill_Gates

    How to tell which drive is dead - PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have been running FreeNAS for awhile and, inevitably, drives die. I have a Lenovo ThinkServer with a LSI card (no BIOS, non-RAID mode) connected to my 8 drives. I, of course, can tell that, for example, da7 just died, but I cannot tell which drive is actually da7 as it looks like FreeNAS has...
  3. M

    Scrub not finding SCSI Status Error???

    Yesterday, i had my drive pool configured as a set of mirrored drives. While copying some large files and i looked at the console to see errors. Did a zpool status and found 175 write errors on my da1 drive. Today i reformatted disks a raidz3 pool. After doing a zpool status, i dont see...
  4. J

    I am coming from WHS. What would you do?

    As this is my first post here, I would like to say Hi. I am hoping the knowledgeable people here can give me some direction. My WHS 2011 had a drive go out and am kicking around the idea of going to FreeNAS on the box which is a HP Proliant Micro server N40L with 2 gigs of ram. It has been a...