1. L

    Setting up DynamicDNS for DNS-O-Matic (dnsomatic)

    I have tried to set up the service to update DNSomatic but keep having troubles. I fill out the page as follows: Provider: dnsomatic.com CheckIPServer SSL: Checked CheckIP Server: www.checkip.org:443 CheckIP Path: / Domain name: all.dnsomatic.com Username: myUserName Password: myPassword...
  2. Jason Keller

    DDNS not working in 11.1U1

    So I'm trying to set up DDNS for dnsomatic.com, however I noticed in /var/log/messages that the daemon was constantly complaining that it was assuming dyndns (which is wrong), and failing to update. The daemon also kept crashing, despite any configuration in the GUI. When I got down to the...