1. PetrZ

    Jail network loop

    Hi, I am facing a problem, I thought it's probably jail bridge loop. It occurred after update of FreeNAS to 11.2-U1. I was running some jails on 11.1-U6 without any issue. After update, when I start any jail, it seems there is broadcast storm and whole segment is flooded. There are 4 GbE...
  2. E

    Cloud Server network design best practices

    I am tasked with designing the network and setting up a NAS / Cloud storage system for a few dozen users in a small office. We would like to have automated synchronisation from everybody's workstations to the storage server, group file shares and both local and remote access to those shares. My...
  3. Jacopx

    Jail on a DMZ and system on LAN

    Buongiorno a tutti! ;) I'm running a system from some years, i use it for Plex, Transmisson, Gogs and since few weeks for NextCloud. I have gain a external-signed SSL from Let's Encrypt and everything works great. What i'm asking now is, since i have 3 ETH GbE port can i use one of these to...
  4. Atomic

    Jails bestimmten Netzwerk Interfaces oder VLANs zuordnen

    Moin Forum, wie kann ich Jails in FreeNAS bestimmten Netzwerk Interfaces oder VLANs zuordnen? Ich habe zu diesem Thema auch schon die Suchmaschine meines Vertrauens bemüht aber leider ohne richtigen Erfolg. Meine FreeNas Box hat zwei NICs, einen im LAN (em0) und einen in der DMZ (em1). Ziel...