disk errors

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    Replacing Failing Disk with Spare Fails

    I have a failing disk in one of my volumes that has unreadable/pending sectors. This is not a problem though as I have two hot spares sitting in the machine ready to go. The two hot spares are sitting in a spares volume. When I select the failing disk, da6, and select replace and select one of...
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    Do these drives have life left in them? (SMART errors, need an eye to check interpretation)

    Over the last week or so, 3 of my old 4TBs all started throwing errors in the messages log. The pool is fine - there's plenty of redundancy and I swapped them over in good time - so now the 3 of them are sitting on the side, waiting for me to figure if they're worth a hit with...
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    One of my disks is resilvering without obvious reason?

    Quick summary: Hardware is good (supermicro/ECC/Xeon v3/enterprise drives) and server seems good. The pool - which I'm expanding - has been made up of 4 sets of mirrors (call them vdev1:{d1,d2}, vdev2:{d1,d2}, vdev3{d1,d2} and vdev4:{d1,d2}). I'm upgrading them to 3 way mirrors (I like mirrors...
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    Disk has errors but pool is not degraded.

    I have six disk system, with two each of 2TB, 3TB and 4TB drives. Freenas is complaining of bad sectors. Should I replace the drive? I have another 4TB drive to put in it but then the mirror "balance' is out. Also, all the drive replacement docs I found seem to be for a degraded pool, which...