1. J

    Blocklist Plugin

    Is anyone else having issues getting the blocklist plugin working within deluge? Whenever I check it it does nothing, won't install or apply.
  2. N

    Problem with Deluge plugin

    Hello, newbie to FreeNAS here. So I have been trying to install Deluge by using the Plugins tab. I can get everything to work until it starts downloading. Then after a very short time, it stops downloading. I think its a problem with the write permission. But I do not know how to fix it... Hope...
  3. N

    Deluge starts downloading and then after 5 sec stops

    Hello. I'm kinda new to using FreeNAS and are now trying to install Deluge on my NAS. But for some reason, I can give it a torrent and I start downloading, and then after two seconds, it just stops downloading. But I can't figure out why it won't work. The way I install it is by using the...
  4. V

    Deluge Jail Not Extracting Completed Downloads

    Brand new to FreeNAS so please be kind, but the title says it all. I've managed to configure Sonarr & Deluge jails to work together and download files successfully. The problem I'm having is Deluge is not extracting the completed RAR files. Deluge has a built in plugin for extracting files and...
  5. SavageCore

    Samba permissions within jail (cannot view file)

    Hey all So I have a jail deluge which has 2 mounts media (CIFS) and deluge_data. I'm using FileBotTool plugin in deluge to create a symlink from /mnt/deluge_data/completed/movies/Totally Cool/totallycool.mkv to /mnt/media/share1/Movies/Totally Cool (2017)/Totally Cool.mkv When browsing as...