dell perc h310

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    Perc H310 crossflash to IR mode

    Hi All. I know, that this is not the way you like it, I know. But I cant find any other place with peoples familiar so much with Perc H310 crossflashing. I bought an old controller and wanted to use it to build raid 5 in my windows machine. I had some problems with it, it hung every time just a...
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    Dell R710 and Dell Perc H310 Question

    Hi...This is my first post here as I am retired military and have decided to build a server for videos, pictures and music collected along the way. I have a Dell R710 which is up and running with FreeNAS. I have both Dell Perc H310 and Dell Perc H200 cross patched cards (SAS2008-IT P20). I...