1. High Voltage

    SOLVED motherboard damage - rebuild system - no drives work now??

    soo....appologies if this happens to be in the wrong board, I'm honestly not sure if it should be exactly here, or not, but I'm shooting it here on the chance its NOT actually hardware related or other board related.... soooo....yea, had overheating issues on my dual cpu system, found out why...
  2. N

    SOLVED fresh install on SSD - 11.1.U1: "This is a FreeNAS datadisk and can not boot system. System halted."

    After struggling with version 11.0.U2 (web GUI would not be visible from any browser any more), I decided to do a fresh install of the latest version ... 11.1.U1 in my case. I installed the iso on an USB drive, so that I could install FreeNAS on an SSD. The install went fine (first fresh install...