1. H

    Dashboard Instability

    Hello, I'm doing a bunch of testing on FreeNAS 11.2-U6 and keep running into a weird problem so I figured I would post it. I have this particular system online strictly for testing and notice that when I put any kind of iSCSI load on the system the dashboard stops responding. I can still ping...
  2. A

    Machine name in dashboard is too big

    Is there a way to reduce the size or eliminate what I'm assuming is the Machine Name at the top of the dashboard. The name is long enough to wrap to a 2nd line which pushes the Uptime information partially out of the window at the bottom of the system information window. Please see the...
  3. Sparx

    No temperature on HDDs when more than one Pool mounted.

    FreeNAS-11.2-U3: So when i have one pool mounted the temps are reported normally like this. But when mounting a second pool. The same drives read as N/A. Also under reporting i get only readout of the SATA HDDs. Not SATA SSDs. Not sure if the two are related. Same behavior with second pool...
  4. Sparx

    11.2 GUI Dashboard

    Sorry if doubleposted. But couldnt find a trouble report for this. My dashboard reports for memory usage, cpu temperature and disk temperature all report 0 degrees/GB as current. History shows correct for memory use and cpu temp. System installed on 11.2 Beta1 and upgraded.