1. Y

    command for deleting backup files after 3 weeks

    So I created a cronjob for backing up my SMB to a external usb drive (command: rsync -zvr /mnt/files /mnt/Backup/ --delete-after) but I want it to delete the files which were deleted on the SMB only after 3 weeks on the backup drive, not immediately (as in the current command), but I don't know...
  2. ZodiacUHD

    SOLVED Restart openvpn daily

    Hello everyone, I looked through the forum but i really didn't get how to setup a cronjob or a script to restart a service (or a jail). I set up transmission with openvpn and PIA, when the connection with the VPN is lost, everything stops. Since i'm not always able to access my NAS, i'd like to...
  3. TLVT

    shutdown cronjob prevents normal startup

    so i made a shutdown -p now cronjob to shut down my freenas at a specific time. i messed up i think and now whenever i turn on the server when its done booting it shuts down ( i dont get the screen with the option 1 -14 ) (time to shutdown arived) is there a way to fix it i tried over...
  4. Tony Self

    Running Cron jobs in jails

    Hi, I am still pretty new to FreeNAS and there are things i don't fully understand yet so I would appreciate some guidance from our more experienced users. I have recently created a jail for RClone so I can begin to sync my media library with my Google Drive. I found some instructions in the...
  5. D

    notification on cron job completions

    Hi guys I have this crontab that rsycnc one dataset to another box, running every night. I need to know if they are completing successfully or not,, so far I enabled syslog on freenas, on "debug" level, but I still dont see any indication on syslog that the crontab fails or not. The command Im...