1. lulu

    Plex and Couchpotato won't startup on boot

    I have an issue with two jails they won't start up at boot only works when started up manually via WEB GUI I have several jails and only this two won't start up at boot they worked when I installed them. I attach debug I'm on 11.2-RC1 Oct 26 20:58:15 freenas kernel: em0: link state changed to...
  2. D

    OpenVPN + Couchpotato + SickRage + Transmission setup

    Hi! After having spent more than a month, Googling, reading and trying to get this to work, I am once again turning toward the community here for help... I can simply not figure out what is wrong, and how to check if it is right. Today, after having even more problems setting up openVPN on my...
  3. S

    Map couchpotato config outside of jail

    I am in the process of redoing some jails and (yes i know its old and outdated but it works for me) i would like to map the couchpotato config/data outside of the jail so if i ever need to recreate the jail again i can just simply point it to the dataset outside of the jail and its done. what i...
  4. J

    Couchpotato and post processing issue

    Hey All, It appears that I am having issues with nzbtomedia scripts or couchpotato file moving. It's been running fine for a couple of years and then...ughh I deleted (nzbtomedia) and reinstalled because I had issues with headphones ( Newly installed) I have headphones working great now BUT...
  5. Digitaldreams

    Configuring Couchpotato to Search for Freeleech Only

    Hey all. How do I configure my TorrentPotato providers to search only for freeleech? I have couchpotato plugin installed. Thanks!
  6. Z

    Transmission permission denied after changing storage of couchpotato jail

    I recently encountered problem with sickrage, deleting movies downloaded via couchpotato because the output folder of sickrage and couchpotato were the same. So I edited the storage of my couchpotato jail /media/downloads. After that I got errors when a movie was downloaded: transmission_1...
  7. Z

    How to restore plugins which old settings after a fresh install

    I had to do a fresh installation of freenas where after I imported my old pool which also contains all the storages of the plugin jails. The plugins I want to re-install are Transmission, Sickrage, Couchpotato, Plex, btsync. The transmission jail also had openvpn installed including my vpn...
  8. DmcDenissen

    SOLVED Couchpotato - binsearch returning 403 - Forbidden solution

    Hi People, Don't know if this is the right place. I finally got freenas (9.10stable) and I was installing some stuff like sabnzbd and couchpotato besides having problems and solving them for user permissions and stuff I encountered an error wenn I was searching within couchpotato it did nothing...
  9. T

    Couchpotato plugin issue

    Hi there I have uninstaled my couchpotato plugin and after a new installation which show as successful I cannot turn it on. I get this message: Couldn't retrieve HTTP Error 503 The plugin is not showing in the tree view in Freenas webUI...
  10. M

    How to move a downloaded file to a different folder automatically

    Hi guys, I would like to move automatically move completed downloads into different folders. I know that there are plugins like Couchpotato, SickBeard, etc..that can automate the process, but these plugins work if you use Transmission The thing is that for downloading files I use both aMule...