config backup

  1. A

    FreeNAS Error

    Hi there, I have been using FreeNAS since version 9. I recently updated to version 11 and absolutely loving it. The only problem is that this time around I had set up my email so it sends me notifications if there's any problem with the server. I am getting below notification like at least 10...
  2. Jakub Kratochvíl

    Can't upload config file to restore after new installation

    Hello, I have a strange issue. I did a clean installation of FreeNAS (FreeNAS-11.2-BETA1) and once I wanted to upload config file from my old FreeNAS I have selected the file and clicked Submit button, but nothing has happened. I have tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox; tried rebooting the system...
  3. L

    Moving config from 9.10.2.U6 to 11.1 release

    I have a working freenas 9.10.2.U6 box. I have a separate homelab I've been testing out freenas 11.1 release. I'm wrapping up most of the testing. I plan to migrate all my drives and workload to it. I was wondering if I could save the config from the old box and restore them to the new box? I'm...
  4. kdragon75

    New FreeNAS-11.0-U3 (c5dcf4416) install and Nightly config file

    I have been running an old nightly build for some time. I decided to get back to the STABLE builds and as a "downgrade" is not supported I pulled a config backup and built a new system. On the new 11.0U3 system I restored the backed up config and rebooted. The system came back online with the...