command line

  1. I

    how to upgrade from command line?

    Hi, GUI crashed and I'd like to upgrade as I need to reboot anyway. How to upgrade over ssh? I noticed there was freenas-update command, which listed the stuff to update: # /usr/local/bin/freenas-update check Upgrade package base-os...
  2. Wisdom

    Verify Install through CLI?

    Just like the title says: how would I go about verifying the install through the CLI? All I've been able to dig up is the version (11.1 U5), but nothing to verify the integrity of my install. I can't use the webGUI because it isn't working.
  3. M

    FreeNAS 11 - start VM from command line

    Hello, I have created VM in FreeNAS 11 web interface, all works ok. But I need periodically stop VM, revert snapshot and start VM. I can't found solution for start VM from command line. bhyvectl not see my VM iohyve not see my VM vm command give error : /usr/local/sbin/vm: ERROR: $vm_enable is...