1. H

    ZVol Backup to Azure Blob

    Hello, I've done some research but cannot seem to find an exact answer. I have started using FreeNAS as my primary storage target for my VMWare lab, but not that ive done this i'm trying to determine my best method of for backup in case of disaster recovery. I see I can configure Azure Blog as...
  2. hendry

    rclone feature request

    I need rclone to be able to * exclude files * support --fast-list So wrt #66792 it says it's closed. Does that mean it's implemented? How do I help test...
  3. ivanavm

    Best practice for remote access

    I have multiple SMB users in local network, and that is fine. I want to have couple of folders sheared online with easy access to editing for specific users so that I can grant and revoke permissions and access. What is the best and secure way of opening FreeNAS server to Internet, but also...
  4. C

    Cloud sync task overlap behavior?

    I didn't really find anything in the documentation or other research, but what's the behavior if a cloud sync task overlaps itself? Say I have a task that runs weekly (starts midnight Sunday). If the cloud sync task runs long enough that the next week arrives, will the task start another sync or...
  5. M

    Unable to load /api/v1.0/system/cloudcredentials/...

    Hi, When I upgraded from FreeNAS-11.1-U5 to FreeNAS-11.1-U6, I received the following error when I checked my Cloud Credentials. Before the upgrade, there was a credenential for B2 cloud. Any idea what went wrong? Thank you!
  6. R

    Anyone using HashBackup?

    I found HashBackup a couple of months ago via the b2 integrations page. I decided to take a closer look yesterday. It's an interesting approach to onsite and offsite backup. I'm interested to know what others think of it, ideally from direct experience.