1. Soypat

    SOLVED Storage=>View Disks is blank. Can't display volume.

    Hello community, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off let me thank you all. I work on video production. We have a studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've set up the FreeNAS 6 months a go (before we had just a basic...
  2. Junicast

    SI and binary prefix and ZFS on top got me all confused

    I have 5 drives offering each 4 TB which equals 4,000,000,000,000 Bytes and ~ 3.64 TiB per drive, right? So if I would use them as JBOD this would result in ~ 18.2 TiB, right? Actually I happen to use RAIDZ2 which is said to be similar to RAID6. If I were using RAID6 this would result in 3 x...
  3. C

    Help me understand behaviour of full datasets

    I am experimenting with FreeNAS on a Hyper-V VM with eight 3GB disks in RaidZ3. My pool looks something like this: (ignore the scrub issue -- I intentionally introduced corruption in a previous test) root@freenas:/ # zpool status -v pool: PrimaryVolume state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired...
  4. S

    Expanding a Raid 1 with larger drives

    Hey All. I would like to upgrade my RAID-1 mirror I have in my freenas system that contains 2x 1TB GB hard drives for 2 larger hard drives. Possibly upgrading to 2 x 6TB or 2 x 4TB in a Raid 1. How would I go about doing this? I have had a look at the manual and found this: Most I have looked...