1. X

    Budget home made build

    Hi I'm new here and I'm looking forward to build my first NAS Build. I'm planning on a 2 X 4 TB WD reds in raid 1 and a 128 gb SSD. The build is for a home server to store my movies and RAW pictures. I want to access it on the go 24/7. I was thinking of using a used parts. Cpu: Xeon E5 -...
  2. K

    Help with parts list for a 20TB NAS for an Video Editor

    Hi, My friend is a video editor and he's ask me if I can build him a 20TB NAS system. NAS is totally not in my territories, I normally build gaming PC. What he want is, is that the system is made of new parts and have to be as cheap as possible and also 20TB drive space in it. Can anyone help me...
  3. Wizman87

    AIO ESXi+FreeNAS Whitebox Build

    Hello, there! I'm really new to the FreeNAS forums and wanted to personally thank everyone for all of their support here. FreeNAS is a really great community and I've been learning quite a lot from everybody! With that said, I had a couple of questions in regards to my upcoming all-in-one...
  4. F

    Running a Degraded raidZ2 ZPool full time

    I'm on a budget and only have 5 3TB Hard Drives lying around, but I want to at least get 12TB of storage. This is just going to be a test pool for now with some simple and already backed up things stored on it, but going forward if this does end up turning into a more heavily relied on storage...
  5. Digitaldreams

    FreeNAS build for home files & folders + media storage backup and Plex server plugin

    Hello all! So I'm new to FreeNAS. After a failed attempt to run it on a legacy rig I had (10 year old eVGA nForce 680i SLI mobo using the PheonixAward BIOS with a Core2 Duo and 8 GB RAM. It wouldn't make it through POST) I think I'm going to go the route of a new build. This really needs to...