broken guest

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    Cant find nextcloud data after I change the config.php file

    Environment: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.0-U1 (aa82cc58d) Request Method: POST Request URL: Traceback: File "./freenasUI/jails/" in save 1271. obj.mount() File "./freenasUI/jails/" in mount 710. mntopts=mntopts, File...
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    phpVirtualBox (FreeNAS 9.10-STABLE) Ubuntu 16 guest No Longer Starting

    Hello! I've recently done a sweep of updates on my FreeNAS setup including replacing the USB key and swapping it for an SSD for boot partition storage. I've got a phpVirtualBox jail template that is running an Ubuntu guest that I updated to Ubuntu 16. I've been working on it bit by bit over the...