boot drive failure and replace

  1. U

    System unresponsive, USB Booting OS failed - again.

    (Server's offline atm, so going by memory a bit here, so please bear with me) I've a 'new' HPE microserver (gen.10 IIRC) that I've loaded with 4 WD's (4GB?), in a ZRAID config, one of which is a hot spare. I've opted to replace the optic drive with a SSD for.... SSD stuff. Been running a few...
  2. S

    Replacing: resilvered but temporary device isn't gone

    I tried to replace degraded usb flash da8 with da10 in freenas-boot pool via gui. Resilvering was completed, but ended up with the following: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM freenas-boot DEGRADED 0 0 30 mirror-0 DEGRADED 0 0...
  3. E

    (11.2-U5) Migrating freenas-boot from a single drive to a mirrored pair

    Currently my freenas-boot zpool is on a single SSD drive. I am worried that this SSD drive is a single point of failure. What I would like to do is install 2 new drives and have freenas-boot use those instead. I imagine the process would be to first mirror freenas-boot to one of the new drives...
  4. David Henrickson

    USB Boot Degraded, won't allow removal

    Hello and thank you in advance! I got a warning that my boot pool (single USB) has degraded already (first FreeNAS install was August 2018, so much for longevity on this Kingston DataTraveler 16Gb 3.0). I have added another Kingston and told it to mirror. It did. Then I tried to remove the...
  5. M

    Mirrored boot Vol degraded which one?

    Hi all, I've got a warning that the boot volume is degraded. I have 2 sandisk cruiser fit X 16GB mirrored for the boot volume. How do I know which is the faulty one? If I got to boot status I get this: Under storage > view disks I got this: Hardware in my signature. Thanks in advance.
  6. P

    Failed FreeNAS Mirrored Boot Drive Question

    Hello, The day has finally come where one of my boot flash drives failed. It was very sudden and I was at work when I got the email that the drive had been faulted because of "persistent errors." Now I have it mirrored so it really didn't do anything to me then but I made the mistake at home...
  7. S

    how to recover from USB boot drive failure

    pretty new guy here... The USB stick I had the boot file of FreeNAS died. I didn't have a backup,,, yeah, I know. I will be mirroring after this, but that's next. I have reinstalled FreeNAS, it is up and running, I am able to log into FreeNas via the web interface. I have 5 sata drives, all...