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    Please Critique my Setup for Improvement

    I have a possible drive change coming due to a possible failure (different post...) and I am trying to take this time to correct *any* issues I may have with my admittedly hurried first-ever FreeNAS build. I've attached some screenshots. One of the questions I have is, If I replace ADA5, what...
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    FreeNAS/TrueNAS Best Practices for VMware NFS datastore [2018]

    What are the FreeNAS/TrueNAS Best Practices for VMware Datastores? Current Draft Plan: 22 mirrored vdev Setup with 10TB Helium SAS drives (220TB usable before overhead, 44 total drives) Running on Dual Xeon 10 Core CPUs with 256GB RAM and a P4800X ZIL and dual 40GBE. 12 x VMware ESXI 6.7 Hosts...
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    SOLVED Best practices for Windows shares

    I need to setup a bunch of shared folders on a Freenas (11.1-U4) joined to an AD domain. Each of the shared folder will have different permissions set by [AD] groups. I have the first setup, and have a periodic snapshot to emulate previous versions from Windows. It works just fine. I'm thinking...
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    Best practices / Best Way to Build a Private Cloud Environment with FreeNAS

    Hi people. I already read a lot of posts in FreeNAS forums in more than 3 or 4 years that I'm here, I've already read a lot of documentation of ZFS, FreeNAS, Storages, but I never close my mainly doubt about what is a best way to build a private cloud environment using FreeNas(ZFS) and Windows...
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    Best practice for installing additional Memory

    Hi All, I'm pretty new to FreeNAS and in using NAS in general. My FreeNAS system has been up and running for about a year only. My hardware is pretty modest although I plan to upgrade it gradually. I got an additional 16GB of ECC-RAM for my system to make my total memory to 32gb. However, I'm...
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    Looking for best practices for data backup

    Hello. I have just switched from NexentaSTOR to FreeNAS and am very happy I made the switch. Much better performance and ease of use. I am using FreeNAS as iSCSI datastores for my VMware ESXi servers in my lab. I have a primary FreeNAS server running with Raid10 and a secondary FreeNAS server...