1. A

    Camcontrol report 136Mb/s for SSD

    Hi, I installed the TrueNAS-12.0-U6.1 on a HP Proliant DL380 Gen9 with 3 Smart HBA H240 with 24 SATA SSD attached to it. Everything work well until i start to make some test benchmarks etc for the pool. Then i realized that maybe my SSD are not config as best ( using some WD BLUE 1 TB SSD SATA...
  2. S

    benchm results- fn 11.1 vs 11.2 (and 1033mhz mem vs 1333mhz)

    im still testing/learning FN and various configs. but here are some benchmarks i made (mainly for myself, so sorry for the obnoxious pict size) (im only testing SYNC=ALWAYS writes and tests are run from a separate machine with a single direct 10gbit (dac) to this FN machine, both are...
  3. RoboKaren

    Installing sysbench?

    I wanted to install sysbench so that I could compare my system numbers with the data from this site. It looks like he was running everything within an Ubuntu vm, but I'd like to try to get closer to the metal. Anyone have installation tips on how to install on FreeNAS? I suppose i could spin...