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    Active backplane and sas raid controller problem

    hi, i'm new on the forum and i'm on the first experience on server grade electronics. i've a intel sr2600urlxr with 2x xeon5670 96bg of ddr3 ram 1333mhz. it has an integrated sas/sata raid controlled SROMBSASMP2 (firmware version 1.40-232-1007) from intel and an active backplane. when i started...
  2. A

    Machine beeping constantly

    Hi i have a problem with my freenas machine is constantly beeping. It started suddenly and doesn't stop after it starts. My motherboard: Asrock e3v5 ws CPU: Intel G4560 Memory: 16 GB ecc Kingston RAM (2x 8 GB) Drives: 6x 1tb in Raid-Z2 EDIT: FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1 there is no error like that...