1. M

    Unable to use pkg in jail, static IP unable to connect to network

    Hi I'm currently running FreeNAS 11.2-U5 and have been trying to set Bacula up but I keep running into the same issue. When I try to install wget I get the error listed below root@bacula:/ # pkg udate The package management tool is not yet installed on your system. Do you want to fetch and...
  2. M

    Backup tutorials, Bacula?

    Hello, I've got my FreeNAS box up and running (with help from this forum) and I'm learning as I go but I've been unable to find any tutorials to meet my backup needs. Please can some one point me in the right direction, or if nothing currently exists if some one would be willing to write...
  3. leandrofmilani

    Error plugin Bacula

    Hello everybody! I'm getting problem with bacula plugin, first I had problem with FileStorage, after replace all jail=jail with jail_path=jail_path in /usr/pbi/bacula-sd-amd64/baculaUI/freenas/ I was able to create a FileStorage, but now when I try to delete anything like a Daemon or...
  4. C

    Make my FreeNAS a backup server

    Hello... first of all I would like to inform you that im a FreeNAS (and also a backup) noob. My problem is that I am currently trying to turn my FreeNAS to a backup server that would allow me to backup windows and linux hosts but the problem is I somehow couldnt get Crashplan running. I really...
  5. D

    Bacula backup of windows dirs

    Hello all, Is there a guide on how to setup Bacula to dump directories from drives on my Windows box? I tried google and the sheer amount of garbage I get tells me this is so illegal that I'm better off selling drugs. For once the plugin does not hint on how to setup your destination path. It...
  6. V

    Bacula plugin for backing up CentOS 7/ Ubuntu machine

    Hi, I want to take the backup of my CentOS 7 / Ubuntu data on FreeNAS 9.10 stable. I've created NFS share(service enabled) for the same & installed Bacula sd 5.2.12_3 plug in(enabled). Can you please guide me what needs to be done next to proceed for backup.
  7. topping

    What is the best way to get started with Bacula plugin?

    Hi all, I am trying to get started with the Bacula plugin. So far I have configured the UI elements that show up in the FreeNAS 9.10.1 Plugin configuration. Just clicked around and used defaults for everything. The plugin allowed itself to be started after that, but I have no idea how to connect...