1. hendry

    rclone feature request

    I need rclone to be able to * exclude files * support --fast-list So wrt #66792 it says it's closed. Does that mean it's implemented? How do I help test...
  2. P

    AWS Glacier on freenas

    All I see is Amazon S3 so Amazon S3 Glacier isn't supported? Does anyone have glacier working or can provide some help so I can get mine working? Thanks.
  3. W

    Want to ZFS send 7TB snapshot to S3 but S3 has a limited filesize of 5TB. Proper way to split?

    Is there a proper way to split a ZFS send datastream at destination so that it isn't one gigantic file but rather several files instead? I've attempted to do a zfs send to S3 recently but I discovered that there is a 5TB filesize limit for objects stored on S3. Someone suggested I zfs send to...
  4. A

    Custom amazon S3 sync task. Copy empty directories.

    Hi, I've noticed that when creating a task that will PUSH data from my volume to S3 bucket , empty directories are not being uploaded. Is there a way to achieve this? And / or to tune up the process? Thank you!
  5. Brian Stoiber

    Offsite Backup Solution

    We have been using FreeNAS for a year and a half, almost two years. We had an issue last month where the motherboard died and we had to replace it. Luckily we had no data loss, just frustration and worry until it was back up. We currently have a server running ESXI with five VMs in it. We have...