1. A

    How to backup and restore jails?

    Hi, I have a pool with 2 4tb drives and I need to upgrade it. I have 2 more 4tb that I'd like to add to it. I have them currently striped but I want to raid them now. Do I have to destroy the old pool first? I've backed up all my data except my jails because I don't know how to do that. How...
  2. tinachte

    Problems with RAID array

    I'm new to the server world, but I'd like to get more into it. I recently picked up this used Primergy RX300 S6 server (Intel Xeon E5506, 16GB RAM). It runs and all that and got FreeNAS installed, no problems. Now, the server came with four SAS drives configured in some sort of RAID array...