1. Thund3rDuck

    Permisisons for Multi-OS environment

    Good evening, I have a mix of OS types (Windows, Apple, Linux) and I'm trying to understand how I should structure the permissions correctly for devices to use the SMB shares. I setup my users on my NAS and gave them the appropriate rights and setup SMB shares using Unix permissions. I am...
  2. hendry

    SOLVED Unsupported volume type

    When trying to use my FreeNAS which holds my FCPX libraries with FCPX on MacOS over a smb:// share I get: I heard that FCPX will work with Libraries on network shares if the share is fast enough. I have a wired gigabit connection here. Is there something I am missing??
  3. T

    No suitable video mode found

    I'm trying to install FreeNAS on an Apple Xserve 2,1. The cd boots and I can choose FreeNAS installer but it always gets to an error error: no suitable video mode found. Booting in EFI blind mode Press any key to continue... I imagine it does continue to boot but since this is the installer I...
  4. eexodus

    Xserve 3,1 installation woes

    When installing FreeNAS 11.1-U4 on the Apple Xserve 3,1 I'm getting the attached error right after boot: ACPI BIOS Error (bug): A valid RSDP was not found (20170728/tbxfroot-369) panic: running without device atpic requires a local APIC After searching online it seems IBM servers sometimes have...
  5. E

    Recommendation for cross-platform sharing Apple/Windows

    Hi, I have to share a dataset (2.5 TB) to apple and windows users. I've read a lot of reports about such projects within the last weeks, all telling the same. Apple support of SMB is quite broken. No spotlight search, no indexing, not able to extract zip archives on a SMB share. Those are the...
  6. U

    Timemachine - The backup disk image .. already in use

    Hi Guys, Im new to the forum but unfortunately with a problem! I've had a search and a good google which seems to offer help for other platforms but i can't find anything relating to freenas. I have Freenas 11 and im using AFP to create a TM share I have managed to create 1x backup no...
  7. L

    Apple share won't show on network

    Hi I have tried to setup an Apple time machine share by following a guide on this forum however it will not show on my Macs network. If I make an SMB share then it does show on my Macs network? But I do not want this as I will be using the disk as a time machine. Help appreciated new to FreeNAS
  8. House Of Cards

    Apple Issue w/E-Mail Notifications

    Good morning, I just wanted to share a note to those using an Apple e-mail address to get critical notifications from their servers. Apple turned on two-factor for non-apple apps on June 15th. If you are having your notifications sent from an Apple e-mail, you need to create a new password...