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    Upgrade from 9.3 to latest

    I am trying to upgrade several old freenas servers that are still on 9.3.1, but apparently web.ixsystems.com has been replaced by update-master.ixsystems.com for serving the iX crl file. I tried just pointing IX_CRL in /usr/local/lib/freenasOS/__init__.py to...
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    SOLVED Freenas 9.3 WebGUI datagrids don't render on Chrome after v67

    Noting this to help if others stumble into same situation: Presentation: After upgrading an older system from 8.0 to 9.3 (by going through the proper intermediate updates), the WebGUI's datagrid don't populate. This renders any type of table blank. Users, Pools, Jails, etc. Very frustrating...
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    FreeNAS on Mac Pro (Mid-2012)

    Howdy, I am trying to install FreeNAS on a Mac Pro (mid-2012) Specs: Intel Quad Core Xeon @ 3.2 GHz 8 GB PC3 10600E RAM (4x2GB sticks) AMD Radeon HD 5770 w/ 1 GB 8 TB HDD Storage (4x2TB disks) 8 GB Flash Drive I installed FreeNAS via DVD to the Flash drive, rebooted the machine, held down Alt...
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    9.3 straight to Corral?

    Hi, I've put off long enough upgrading my 9.3. Should I go to 9.10 before Corral or jump straight to it? Thanks Matt.