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    SOLVED LSI SAS2008 HBA (aka 9211-8i ?) Q: Firmware Upgrade? to stop BIOS detection + fix hotswap not working.

    Main Question: ----------------------- Running Freenas 11.2-U8 on a Dell Poweredge T310 on an aftermarket OEM LSI HBA card already in IT mode, that I thought was an LSI 9211-8i, but it turns out its actually an OEM IBM 9200 / SAS2008. I honestly have no idea what LSI card is equal to what, I am...
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    HP N40L & M1015 = No Boot

    If anyone can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. I've read a number of posts about people using the M1015 as an HBA for ZFS in thier N40L MicroServers but after installing one in mine, I'm unable to boot from USB - so I can't boot into FreeNAS and I couldn't install a different OS...
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    Dell r710 flashed H310 vs 9211-8i

    Hi there, So I just picked up an old Dell r710 with a PERC 6I and given my research on these forums and the internet I thought it was best to avoid using that and buy a HBA controller. Given the title, I am looking at these two cards and have already established that the H310 can be flashed to...