1. P

    Best CPU for decoding 4K HEVC MKV files

    Hi, While my current system ( with Atom C2751 ) is good enough for keeping storage and playing 1080p x264 video via Plex, I see some problems when playing 1080p HEVC MKV files. I think I need to upgrade CPU for that. What do you recommend?
  2. Jacopx

    [Plex] Transcoding 4K with strange LAG

    Buonasera everyones! :) I have changed a one of my Smart TV with a NEW Bravia 4K HDR, and, of course, I have tried to store a 4K from a remote server. This file have an high bitrate ~45 mbps. The connection in both place server and tv aren't bottleneck (Gigabit Optical Fiber). The server have a...