1. schoolpost

    Upgrading Pool | 1TB -> 4TB

    Hello, This is probably well discussed somewhere here, however to avoid confusion on my part I thought I'd ask specifically to my setup. ( FreeNas 9 ) I'm looking to upgrade my pool from it's current 10x 1TB Z3 Pool to 4TB Drives. My understanding from some initial research is that I can...
  2. R

    Can I use 2 1tb drives as a 2tb drive and also have 2 2tb drives and create a raid5 volume from them

    Hi freenas community Is it possible to use 2x 1tb drives as a 2tb drive and also have 2x 2tb drives as well to be all put together to create a raid 5 volume? Is this possible? My system specs are: Amd a8-7600 Asus a88xm-a 16gb Corsair ram (Currently) 2x 1tb Western Digital Red drives (Buying)...