1. Ixian

    D-1541 heatsink/chipset cooling replacement guide

    Partially inspired by this thread. I have a D-1541 board (8c/16t, 45 TDP) with onboard dual-port x540 10G-T and thought I'd share my experience getting it to cool more quietly in case anyone found it helpful. I'll have a full build thread up on my NAS upgrade later. BTW, all temps shown were...
  2. S

    New low powered home build. Got several options, need help to choose

    Hello I've been using FreeNas for a couple of years on a low powered AMD A4 CPU. The purpose of the build has been SAB, Transmission and just general back-end for Kodi. This build has not been powerful enough to transcode with Plex which I now want to accomplish with my new build. Here are my...