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ZFS RAID size and reliability calculator

ZFS RAID size and reliability calculator 2017-05-17

XenForo "helpfully" doesn't update the "download" link unless one enters a new version string.
This is an attempt at fixing the "download" link, which seems to be broken.
This resource was ported from its original thread. The changelog up until that time is included below:

# Changed the drive size field type to decimal numbers (you can now put drive sizes lower than 1 TB)

# Changed the link of the app for a static link to negate the problem of the app's URL changes with each update of the app

# Added the reliability stats
# Disabled the blocks overhead temporarily
# Reduced the inputs height (now equal to select height)

# Remade the UI to use a table
# Added the percentages
# Zoom friendly

# Added the minimum recommended free space
# Added the total overhead

# Added the minimum number of drives