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RAM recommendations for Supermicro X10 LGA1150 motherboards

RAM recommendations for Supermicro X10 LGA1150 motherboards

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I finally completed a proper migration of this document to the Resources section. The original changelog follows below:

Update 2014-09-04 - Clarified Kingston's e-mail conversation and their current claims of compatibility (Special thanks to Z300M for the info!) and clarified only DDR3 Intel processors are affected by the 8GB UDIMM limitation.
Update 2 2014-09-04 - Clarified that Supermicro never listed Kingstom RAM as compatible (Special thanks to jgreco for the reminder and confirmation!), minor rewording of the intro and corrected ambiguous sentence regarding Crucial model numbers.
Update 2014-09-09 - Added section on alternate Tested Memory List for certain motherboard models and minor formatting improvements.
Update 2 2014-09-09 - Due to the release of Haswell-EP, added clarification that this guide applies only to standard Haswell motherboards. (Special thanks to diehard for the heads-up!)
Update 2014-10-23 - I was deceived by Supermicro's illustration of the X10SLL+-F. Its manual reveals it's actually an X10SLM+-F with a C222 PCH instead of the C224. Conclusions altered accordingly.
Update 2014-12-23 - Added two variants of the X10SLL-F to List B, for added clarity; added warning to tl;dr; added note regarding older QVL
Update 2015-08-26 - Added mention of return of Kingston-recommended DIMMs
Update 2015-12-27 - Updated for Supermicro's big new QVLs, misc. updates

Additionally, the original thread is now the discussion thread and can be reached via the tabs above.