Jailman: Automated management of pseudo-custom FreeNAS jails

Jailman: Automated management of pseudo-custom FreeNAS jails v1.2.3

JailMan is a collection of shell scripts designed to make it easier to install all sorts of iocage Jails on FreeNAS.


There are a lot of great scripts out there to create all sorts of custom jails on FreeNAS. Sadly enough, they all take their own approach to configuration, which lead to a lot of time wasted configuring all sorts of different scripts.

We do not aim to be some sort of XKCD like "solution to replace all solutions", but aim to simply improve, iterate and integrate the great work others have already put forward.

The goal of this project is to be able to install, update, reinstall, upgrade and delete most of your services by just running a single command using a single config file. While doing this we aim for a "docker like" scenario, where the jail is completely disposable and all configuration is saved outside of the jail.

Currently Supported Services


  • organizr
  • py-kms
  • nextcloud
  • bitwarden
  • unifi controller (with Unifi Poller integrated)

  • MariaDB
  • InfluxDB


  • transmission
  • jackett


  • plex
  • tautulli
  • sonarr
  • radarr
  • lidarr
This work is dual licenced under GPLv2 and BSD-2 clause
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