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Introduction to ZFS

Introduction to ZFS Rev 1d)

Yes, another revision.

Besides some minor tweaks, the following changes were made:
  • Added a subsection on the recordsize property
  • Added a subsection on hardware, keeping it to the bare minimum
This is Revision c) of the document. I somehow forgot to mention the FreeNAS User Guide in the Further Reading section - that has been fixed. I also added a section on the recordsize property.

Besides that, a footnote was added to the dedup subsection guiding people towards FMAZ if they really want to know more about dedup. I also added the links to the Resources section and to the Resource page to the first page of the document.
It was brought to my attention (thanks to @Heracles) that I neglected to even mention deduplication. This was very silly of me, as everyone should be made aware of how sucky it really is.

Additionally, @kdragon75 made me realize that a warning about L2ARC consuming ARC was in order.
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