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Disk failure LEDs for various backplanes 2019-05-19

inspired by and, I wrote myself a script to monitor disk failure and blink LED using sesutil, which I feels much easier to use comparing to sas2ircu. It also shows wider compatibility in my limited testing, it worked for both my Dell R620 and NetApp DS4243, which didn't work with sas2ircu. I don't have a faulted disk at hand so I only used zpool offline to simulate disk failure and it appears to work fine.

How to use:

Scan a pool, blink LEDs to locate bad/missing disks, unblink for good ones.

First try something like sesutil locate da1 on on your system and make sure it's blinking the right LED. Then put the script into cron to run every minute or so.

Note that the script would only attempt to turn off LEDs of good drives. So the LED will keep blinking if the bad drive is removed and slot left empty,etc. In this case put the replacement drive into the same slot or use sesutil locate all off to turn off all LEDs.
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