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Building, Burn-In, and Testing your FreeNAS system


I modified the `dd` commands to be like:
`dd if=/dev/da${n} of=/dev/null bs=1M status=progress`

The `status=progress` bit makes it give status updates as it goes, which is nice
Just retired, one of my first projects is to streamline the wild grown family's infrastructure. After soldering a 100 ohm resistor into our Synology DS415 to get it running again my confidence in that system was broken and a proper NAS had gained top level priority. As a former DEC system engineer I was really pleased to read this guide. I am convienced, that a lot of problems we have today have their root cause in hastily assembled systems that got over the counter without any testing. For me it's kind of Zen to get the system a little bit matured before I put my life in pictures on it.

Thank you for that, good work, indeed.
A good guide that helps a newbie like myself who has never built a computer from parts.
The HDD burning process could be augmented but another resource discuss it as well ( Merging the two or at least linking them and making them coherent would be a nice upgrade.
Great I saw this now before I start copying over data.
Yep. The time to discover your FreeNAS box falls over when stressed is before you start loading all your data on it. ;-)