zpool not working

  1. IanWor

    HELP! Freenas 11.1-U2 stuck at zpool set cachefile=...

    Hi all Hope you can help me here. I rebooted my FreeNas 11.1-U5 system and it is now sitting at: command: zpool import -c /data/zfs/zpool.cache.saved -o cachefile=none -R /mnt - command: zpool set cachefile=/data/zfs/zpool.cache DriveSpace Any ideas? Thanks Ian
  2. A

    [EMERGENCY] We Can't Access to Storage Pool :(

    Hello, I was using BETA 12 Freenas Build. And I had 2 TB hardware raid storage unit (ISCSI Block for ESXI, I think I didn't do anything for usage, ex. format or creating any pool (I don't remember)). And yesterday I can't access web interface. I think I had OS problem of BETA. And for this...