1. Ixian

    D-1541 heatsink/chipset cooling replacement guide

    Partially inspired by this thread. I have a D-1541 board (8c/16t, 45 TDP) with onboard dual-port x540 10G-T and thought I'd share my experience getting it to cool more quietly in case anyone found it helpful. I'll have a full build thread up on my NAS upgrade later. BTW, all temps shown were...
  2. A

    Xeon-D home streamer & storage

    Hello, all. I've been running FreeNAS with 4x 2TB disks (RAID-Z) on an HP Gen7 MicroServer (N40L), primarily as storage, but with increasing use of Plex Media Server and Nextcloud. I'm thinking it's time to upgrade to something nicer. I've been spec'ing and operating ZFS systems for about 10...