x520-sr2 10gb

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    SFP+ no carrier and no TX (x552)

    The plan was to have 10g link between my workstation and NAS. For this i am using the Gigabyte MB10-DS4 motherboard on the server side, it has 2 SFP+ ports running on Intel x552 For my workstation i'm using a card from a manufacturer called uptimed.nl . It's an Intel x520 da2 under the hood...
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    Device_attach: ix1 attach returned 5 with unsupported SFP modules

    i can't configure 10GB Ethernet card in FreeNAS 9.10 STABLE U2 While using X520-SR2 10gb Ethernet card, both Intel SFP module is works fine. But when i use brocade SFP module it is not showing in ifconfig. I have tried modifying the /Boot/Loader.conf -> hw.ix.unsupported_sfp=1. But it doesn't...