write speed

  1. borisko

    Can't write properly from Mac OSX VM to Freenas

    Hi everyone, I am at an impass. After several iperf3 tests and Blackmagic write/reads, I realized all connections work fine from all the computers at home, except uploads/writes from my Macintosh VM (under Proxmox server) to the NAS (freenas). I posted on the Proxmox forums as well, but I...
  2. cmcigas

    What Performance Can I Expect?

    Hi, I have used FreeNAS for a while now for home storage and Plex use but recently I was able to take home from work an HP server and a storage shelf. I have 30x 600GB 10K 2.5" drives in these systems total and all in one raid, RaidZ2. I was wondering if someone knew what the max read/write...
  3. websmith

    Expected I/O Performance Question

    Hi People, I am fairly new to ZFS and FreeNAS in particular. I have been using ZFS on Linux for about a year in VM with a LSI SAS card in passthrough mode, but decided to set up a dedicated box for my NAS. My build is: SilverStone CS380 (8x3.5" hot plug) Cremax ICY Dock MB455SPF (8x2.5" hot...
  4. H

    Troubleshooting megabit write speeds on gigabit link

    I have setup my first FreeNAS (FreeNAS 11) box with the components listed here. I have configured a single RAIDz2 volume for the pool out of my 8x4TB WD reds. My current issue, I believe, is around network speeds, but if someone more knowledgeable feels otherwise, I am all ears. Currently I am...
  5. resuni

    What performance increase should be expected from a striped pool?

    I'm preparing to use an all-SSD FreeNAS server I just built in a QEMU/KVM cluster for use as iSCSI storage. Before I do so, I've been running some performance tests on various types of ZFS pools. The SSDs I'm using are 1 TB Crucial MX300s. According to Newegg, The read/write spec listed is...
  6. M

    Write Speed issues

    Hi all, I've been wandering on the forum for some hours and read a lot of posts regarding write speed, but was not able to find something to point me in the right direction. First my build: HP ML110 G9 Build FreeNAS-11.0-U1 (aa82cc58d) Platform Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2603 v4 @ 1.70GHz Memory...