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    SMB Sharing Setup / Adjusting Permissions / Wizard W/o Volume Setup

    I am trying to set up a simple SMB share on my (newly built) system. My basic configuration is that I have three HDDs at ada1, ada2, and ada3 that I have formatted into the storage pool, and another one at ada0 that I do not want added to or included in my FreeNAS setup. In reading through the...
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    Sitting at the Wizard window... few questions

    Hi everyone. I just put together a minipc build with 4 small drives to build a multipurpose FreeNAS based server. These are the drives I got and their purposes. All brand new. 2 x 2tb drives .... would like these to be raid1/mirrored for general storage, backups etc.. 1 x 250gb SSD .... to...