windows 7

  1. B

    WARNING: FreeNAS 11.2 Flash drive crashes Windows 7 computers on insertion

    This has been mentioned before both here and on other forums, but I think the issue is serious enough that it deserves a prominent warning on the FreeNAS ISO download page. I'm not asking for a bug fix, I'm asking for a warning on the download page letting people know that a FreeNAS install...
  2. zer0bitz

    Trying to create Virtualmachine

    Hello all! Im trying to create VM (Windows 7 Ultimate) on FreeNAS-11.2-RELEASE-U1, but something is going wrong. I have setup a VM with 2 cores and 4gb of RAM, with these settings I am able to start the Virtual Machine. Go to VNC and see it running until the problem occurs. I can see the...
  3. A

    SOLVED cannot rsync to nfs via linux

    Hi community, i have one (1) windows machine in our company, belonging to marketing for some adobe mumbo jumbo, the rest is all ubuntu. i now set up a freenas on a server with sas disks for backup for the windows machine, because marketing started with 4K movies and now has already 3 times the...
  4. A

    FreeNAS Windows 7 VM - Mouse not working

    Hi, I've been going through the learning process of running a windows VM on FreeNAS. I have been able to create the VM, install windows 7 professional and load the virtual IO drivers onto the windows VM. Throughout the whole process the mouse hasn't worked using VNC viewer or the web VNC on...
  5. Jim Nevins

    Windows 7 VM Fails to install in FreeNAS v 11

    Hello, New here and also a proud, new owner of a FreeNAS home build. Recently installed version 11 and setup sharing for files in a windows workgroup, other clients can map shared drives and share files as expected. I own a standard windows 7 64-bit iso and want to create a VM with it. After...