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    Cannot boot any Windows ISO (all linux ok)

    Hi, I am currently using FreeNAS 11.2 stable. I always get this error. “Boot Failed. EFI DVD/CDROM Boot Failed. EFI Hard Drive .rfb unknown cli-code 97!” So I tried these steps: [jsung@freenas /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos]$ zfs create -V 32G -o refreservation=none name/vms-jails/wintest...
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    Windows 2016 iSCSI initiator & FreeNAS iSCSI target woes

    I have three physical boxes: 1) FreeNAS 11.0 U3 2) ESXi 6.5 3) Windows Server 2016 All are beefy server-class boxes with 64GB of RAM. Each of the boxes has an X710-DA4 10G NIC. Boxes 1 & 2 are directly connected via SFP+ DAC and use the 192.168.20.x subnet exclusively and can ping each other...