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    First FreeNAS build for media and VM Storage for Lab

    So this will be my first FreeNas build and I am curious if my hardware choices are smart or a little overkill. I plan using the server in a few different ways, 1) As a Plex media server 2) VM storage for my lab 3) General storage and as a learning experience with FreeNAS. Here is my current...
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    Advice on current Build - Will it FreeNAS well?

    Motherboard - Supermicro X9DR-F+ CPUs - (2) XEON 2670 10c RAM - 8x8GB Samsung 1600 DDR3 SATA Expansion - Adaptec 24 SATA Card I have 2 iStarUSA Cages as well to add an extra 8 bays to the 6 Internal Slots I have. I have been running FreeNAS 11+ with little problems for a while now. When I...
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    First build: Supermicro X11SSL-F / X11SSM-F

    Hi guys, this is my first build so jumping in the deep end here. If you could please help me out with feedback on my proposed build that would be much appreciated, especially for advice on which motherboard to go with, cheers. Main use will be as a simple file server for a home office and for...
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    3D NAS Case & New setup

    Hello! I have been using FreeNAS for about 4 years now, and running it on an old PC that I had. Nothing special, but it works fine with 12gb of RAM and 3x4TB WD Red configured to a big pool. I also stuck a 128gb SanDisk SSD for caching, since I use it as an home media server and I thought it...