1. X

    Disabling vmm.ko

    I am running FreeNAS 11 as a bhyve guest system on FreeBSD. To get FreeNAS to run stable as a bhyve guest I have to unload the vmm.ko module. How can I disable the vmm.ko kernel module in FreeNAS during startup?
  2. RoboKaren

    bhyve/iohyve 2GB RAM limit?

    I'm running Ubuntu in a bhyve but I can't seem to set the RAM to more than 2GB and have it reflected in the VM : [me@bethel] ~% sudo iohyve getall ubucrashplan Getting ubucrashplan iohyve properties... bargs -A_-H_-P boot 0 con nmdm2 cpu 2 description Sun Nov 6 17:25:57 PST 2016...