1. M

    Please Help - Deleted VMDK accidentially

    I'm a dead man walking. I had 2 similar vmdks of 3tb, deleted the wrong one. Family Photos, ect. of course. No back up but i was sure i had snapshots turned on in the freenas. Nope of course not. (corrected that since). Fortunately? that vm was the only vm on a mirrored set of 4TB hard...
  2. Nanosynth

    Blame FreeNAS or VMWare/corrupt VMs on FreeNAS

    Was wondering if anyone has had ruined/corrupt/non-bootable virtual machine files on FreeNas. Just built my FreeNas (11.1-U4) on standalone Dell R410 with 4 drives. Loaded FreeNas to its own harddrive, no Esxi on this server or drives at all. Other server is a DellR410 again fiber channel back...