vm nic

  1. GTCG

    Running website on VM, but cannot access it internally and externally

    Hello I've been trying to get a Codius server up and running on my Freenas via this guide: https://medium.com/codius/how-to-run-your-own-codius-host-42e13afe1fb2 Freenas is running on a HP Proliant server gen8, with 16 GB of RAM. I am using a virtual machine with CENTOS7 installed on it to set...
  2. S

    VM networking

    Hey everyone. Recently I built a small FreeNAS server for a my friend's small company(like 5 people) ... later he asked if I could run a Windows server 2012 VM to be the host of their office automation app. Now my question is that 1.how transparent the VM would be on the network? Will the...
  3. B

    VM NIC Settings missing/errors

    Hello, I've wanted to give the VM a try and am stuck on the very basic thing: in the user-manual "VMs" (https://doc.freenas.org/11/vms.html) I see a "MAC address" option in the NIC settings. But there is no such thing in the classic UI. There is only: VM, Type, Adapter Type. Nothing more. In...