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  1. D

    FreeNAS on virtualization hypervisor which is using ZFS

    Hi, I need to install a new FreeNAS system and I have to virtualise it. I'm using Proxmox as hypervisor and I have both some network storages (which are using qcow2 images) and some local storages which are using ZFS (and virtual machines are using some ZFS drives. I read the information at...
  2. T

    FreeNAS from baremetal pc hardware to ESXI server hardware

    I have had for a while now an install of FreeNAS 11.2 (most recently U4) on a re-purposed Intel i7 4970K with 16 GB of RAM, 3x mixed size WD Purple hard drives (started with what I have and will slowly increase drives to match size) in Raid Z, 1x 1TB Purple hard drive stand-alone for misc...
  3. R

    Virtualize within Freenas? OR Virtualize with another platform?

    Hello all! First post but long LONG time user of the project (before NAS4Free fork). Sorry if this is a duplicate somewhere... I couldn't find anyone asking about the VM stability and best practices. I absolutely love FreeNAS and I have come to rely upon it for my business. In fact it's such...
  4. nateynate

    FreeNAS VM / Research

    First post, been researching a long time. Home server, small storage. Running ProxMox on a Dell t3600. 64GB ECC RAM, 500GB dual SSD / ZFS mirror for OS drive. HP LSI 9212 4i PCI-e card connected to two WD Red 4TB NAS drives in a ZFS mirror. The LSI controller passed through directly to the...