virtual machines

  1. A

    Cannot create Hyper-V VM on CIFS share on FreeNAS 11.2-U5

    I made a CIFS share and can access it and create files using a domain account. But when I want to create a hyper-v virtual machine on server 2019 I get the error: Has anybody made it? Can post the config of: Directory Services, Storage permissions, Sharing SMB and Services SMB?
  2. pookieman

    How much memory

    Hi I've looking into building a new NAS, my current readnas 1.5tb is full after 10 years, still going strong though. But for the future I have bigger plans, so the use case(s) are as follows: Shared File server (data/media) Host OpenHab/ in VM (ubuntu) Host Zone Minder in VM (ubuntu)...
  3. DrexLock

    Change default NIC used by Bhyve for VM Traffic

    I have an existing FreeNAS 11 machine setup and running for sometime now. The hardware itself is pretty overkill for what I'm using it for, at the moment only general shares and Plex with potential plans for Bacula down the road. I've been considering leveraging bhyve to run a couple of VMs as...
  4. N

    Roadmap for Jails

    I'm in the process of upgrading to FreeNAS v11U4. In the past I have not used any type of jails. I am thinking about running a jail or VM or two on my freeNAS, but am a bit concerned if I am going to be making future upgrades hard. In the past upgrades have been very, very easy. Just...
  5. W

    FreeNAS 11.0 VM Virtual CPU assignment issue

    Of every forum and guide I've searched, everything says my hardware is compatible and that my setting are correct yet the VMs that I create regardless of how many Virtual CPUs I assign report 2. One per physical processor. I learned that this type of issue is due to a number of features that the...
  6. T

    FreeNAS 11-0-RC3 VM start says running then stopped not able to VNC to it

    Please note that I see posts that say FreeNAS 11 doesn't support VMs and/or VNC and I see ones that say it does and people have it working fine. At this point since it is in the Web UI - I am assuming it is intended to work. If that is incorrect please let me know. I am just about at the point...